We categorise calls by type (debt collection, serious number, sweepstakes, etc.) and give the number in question a tellows score, which indicates whether a number is trustworthy or suspicious, helping you to decide whether or not to take the call.

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    We've all had to deal with the same thing. Who is calling? Does this question ring a bell? It probably rings dozens of bells one by one all day long. Not only do unsolicited phone calls incorporate telemarketers and surveys, both of which have, despite their annoying nature, some sort of legitimacy, but also entertain various scam and spam calls who solely aim at squeazing profit from someone's misery. ir.tellows.net aims at the negation of the fraudsters most effectiv advantage – the people's ignorance. Through the accumulation of information on spam and scam phone numbers, tellows has commited itself to establish a vast database providing the above mentioned information on dubious and dangerous phone numbers for free. Therewith, our users a able to identify the call's nature before answering the phone. In addition, an approximate location of the call's origin is displayed.

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    1. The number ‎09123290061 has been assigned to ابراهیم نژاد علی

      4/21/22 1:54 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 09123290061 (MCI)
    2. The number ‎09195124034 has been assigned to ملوکانه

      4/21/22 1:54 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 09195124034 (MCI)
    3. The number ‎09124903446 has been assigned to استاجلو بهروز زمین عسگری

      4/21/22 1:53 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 09124903446 (MCI)
    4. The number ‎09121335065 has been assigned to وکیل دکتر رضایی هولدینگ ارینا

      4/21/22 1:53 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 09121335065 (MCI)
    5. The number ‎02156966881 has been assigned to منزل

      4/21/22 1:51 AM via Nize

      1 Rating for 02156966881 (Tehran)

    Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

    Unfortunately, the details on spam and scam number do not entertain the habit of growing on trees. Therefore, tellows needs you!!!. Share your knowledge with the Telepon.cyou community by publishing comments on dubious numbers and rating them on a scale from 1 (safe) to 9 (extremely dangerous). From this input the tellows-score is generated via a complex algorithm in order to show the user whether the caller is trustworthy or not. Your willingness to share knowledge and, therewith, your participation in the battle against fraudulant entrepreneurs will be a vital component to effectively warn your fellow countrymen of potential dangers to the their purses.

    Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

    1. Irritated Mom reported unknown with the number ‎+151 as Harassment calls

      1/5/14 1:58 PM

      Am being called by two numbers with this prefix with increasing frequency and at strange times of the day. I do not pick up but am interrupted nevertheless. I do not live in the US but across the pond so am intrigued to know how they got my number as I'm XD.

      13 Ratings for +151 (SMS Service)
    2. iPhone reported unknown with the number ‎+9794240044 as SMS spam

      12/28/20 2:43 AM via iPhone App

      585 Ratings for +9794240044 (tellows)
    3. HusH reported Fredrickson International with the number ‎02031478161 as Debt collection company

      1/31/13 12:21 PM

      I phoned the number using 141 in front to hide my number and got them to identify themselves which the man was happy to do. They are chasing me for a debt I owe Thames Water

      1 Rating for 02031478161 ()
    4. Annoyed Mom reported unknown with the number ‎0015138982070 as Harassment calls

      1/5/14 2:04 PM

      This number calls intermitantly at odd times of the day and interrupts. I live in GB and my number is XD so I'm intrigued to know how this caller has my number

      12 Ratings for 0015138982070 (Ohio)
    5. Brian Scattergood reported "Boilers UK" with the number ‎0151357159 as Telemarketer

      7/18/13 4:30 PM

      I answered a call from this number. Automated voice asked me if I was interested in saving money on energy bills. I responded "yes" by pressing 2, to find out who was calling me. A Geordie female said that she was calling from "Boilers UK", and asked if I was a homeowner. I was in the middle of informing her that I wasn't, and I only pressed 2 in order to have my phone number taken off their calling list, but I didn't manage to finish what I was saying before she cut me off. Charming!

      1 Rating for 0151357159 (Sarī)

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